Custody of Digital Assets

We enable organizations to participate in the digital asset ecosystem by allowing them to interface, adapt and evolve, offering state of the art institutional grade security at scale.


Assets are securely stored by making use of our cold storage solutions which offer additional security layers, clarity regarding rules, and flexibility, that ensures the complete protection of your assets.


We offer staking, smart contract interactions, and swaps of digital assets that generate yield.


With our partners there is an insurance program in place insuring digital assets for up to $150 million USD*.


Easily prove all transfers that occur on the blockchain with full transparency of operational reporting and enhanced record keeping for your business.


Our dedicated team of experts will be available to support your operations and any challenges that are encountered. Our qualified experts will walk you step by step to support your long-term success.

No warm wallets allowed here; we take additional measures to ensure your assets are protected.

Secure and Manage 5000+ Coins and Tokens

With our partnership with Ledger you can secure 15 blockchains and any ERC-20 token, representing more than 90% of the global market capitalization of digital assets

Grow Your Assets, Grow Your Business

We Interact with smart contracts and 
decentralized applications to stake your digital assets 
to generate yields that will assist in growing your 
business. No longer are the days of bank interest


The Birchrock Capital Insight

Birchrock Capital assists our clients with compiling information from disparate sources to assemble comprehensive reports, information & video segments to assist with education and published articles from our partners to help spread the word on this evolving market.

Protect what’s yours. Protect what’s important.