Donald Bradley

CEO & Managing Partner

Bronwyne Pillay

Lead Business Development

Invest with who you trust

Our core values

  1. People First

    We put our clients’ best interests first. When solving challenges, we ensure that we meet our clients’ needs for long-term success, measure client satisfaction, and ask ourselves “what would we do for ourselves in the same situation?”

  2. Employees

    Our employees are key to our clients’ success. Our employees allow us to serve our clients’ needs each day. We place emphasis on people first and highlight that to serve our clients, we must also serve our employees. Together, we can achieve the extraordinary.

  3. Lead with Innovation

    We work as a team to achieve our clients’ full potential by employing the best solutions and implementing new technologies to real-world applications.

  1. Continuous Improvement & Openness

    We challenge the status quo. This allows us to constantly learn, grow and evolve, while remaining open to hearing other ideas.

  2. Trust

    Trust is a bi-lateral relationship - one trusts, and the other is the trusted. We strive to create a foundation of trust from our initial encounter with our clients.


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    "Imagine tapping into the system that will shape the financial future of the world. Now imagine that you missed out and asked, what if?"

    Donald Bradley